Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the Mover

One of my biggest gripes with Miami is its lack of public transportation. Let's face it -- we Miamians need to exercise our limbs and tone down our road rage, but this city is not providing any adequate means of getting around. 

If I didn't need a car, I wouldn't own one. Between the gas, the insurance, and the upkeep, cars are a huge expense. They're also dangerous (particularly when navigating in a sea of Miami drivers). They create stress and pollute our fresh air. Being car-less in Miami, though, is unfortunately too big a handicap. 

Our one Metrorail line runs from downtown Miami (where nobody lives) south to Kendall. It barely gets used. Metro envy has made me slightly obsessed with metro systems everywhere. I love the maps with all the multi-colored lines intercepting one another; I observe how the doors open (automatically or manually? if manually, button or handle?); I take note of the seating; I critique the color choices; I try to identify what books people are reading; I feel mobile, energized. Why can't we transport people around effectively like nearly every other developed city in the world? 

If you live somewhere in the small circumference between Brickell and Omni, though, you can hop on the FREE Metromover! I wish we had a system like this throughout the most frequented parts of the city. I wouldn't expect to ride for free, or course, but I think it would catch on. Can you picture it? Miami, a city of pedestrians? One can dream.

Since I work in Brickell and recently attended a conference at a hotel right by Metromover's Omni station, I for once had the option of taking public transport. Any kind of metro system in Miami must be above ground since we are practically at sea level, which means riding around is a great way to see the city. Enjoy the tour.


  1. nice shots! I like the last one. very arty. and yes, i wholly support the whole public transpo thing, esp. after living in DC and NY.

  2. Thanks. It wasn't easy to take decent shots through glass on a rainy day. Glad to serve as a distraction from job apps in the middle of the night. ;o}

  3. good call. I hate that Miami can't get it together to create a viable public transportation system. I guess all those new stadiums and tunnels under the bay are more important.

  4. So true! There should be better access to public transportation and it should be available in more areas.

    Add to the mix that buses will pass right by you at a bus stop without even slowing down. If you don't FLAG DOWN THE BUS it will just drive right by you - they have no obligation to stop unless you wave like a fool. What's the point of a bus stop if the bus doesn't automatically stop there when people are waiting?